Friday, June 27, 2014

Report # 10

[1:09:35], 6/27/14

Ok and we're recording. Hey guys were back.

Hell fucking yes we're back.

We are very much indeed fucking yes back.

And we're drunk as hell.

That we are very much fucking indeed yes too.

Kid you're killing me.

Heh, heh, so wow yeah, we've got...lots of stuff to talk about, don't we? Like we went and got the x-rays. They stole my friggin Kidneys. Hahahaha. Yeah but no we're all one hundred percent in posession of our organs, so that's nice. 

They were opening us up to drain our lungs. 


The Azoth, you were to busy tripping balls to remember but we were both on our death beds they were funneling so much shit into us. 

...Why would they do that?

Because they're evil sociopathic dickheads who experiment on kids. We've been over this. 

Well yeah, but to what scientific ends?

Testing for antidotes, trying to figure out how much azoth you can stand in contact with your body before you go batshit, screwing with us because I broke my shitty deal with them.

Why did you make that deal?

...Hmm. Georgia was the one who instigated it, I was a little...

Little what?

They mess with your head Danny-boy. 

You keep saying that, but like, what did they do to you?

...Calling it electro shock therapy might be a bit misleading, it was they reached into my head and started undoing me. 


It's a method of forcibly bringing to light repressed memories. Of scanning your head for infection. Reduce you to your bases building block and see if your a vegetable or a feral animal. 

And the government signed off on that?

Government will sign off an anything unless it's expensive, and the thing about fucked up experimentation psychology that was developed in the dark ages of the 50's, is its relatively cheap. 

Well shit. They didn't do that to me though. 

That's because you are exactly what it says on the package. Skinny douche in way over his head. 

Fuck you.

Here give me that bottle you've had enough.

Aherm, so did Beau save you the first time around?

No. That was Georgia.

Who was Georgia? You said she developed the doomsday vaccines.

At the time she thought they would be a cure.

...And she died experimenting with them?

Yeah. It went about as wrong as an experiment could have gone.

You didn't...kill her?

God fucking no Danny. I didn't kill her. I was responsible for what happened. But I didn't kill her.

You've killed other people who you were friends with. I've gone through your files. 

Are you worried I'm going to kill you?


Shut the hell up and don't answer that. Just shut up.

I'm sorry, that got dark fast. I didn't mean...It's hard not to be paranoid.

I didn't kill Georgia. I would never have done that. Out of all the people who I've known who had to bite a bullet, she wasn't...I was supposed to be the lab rat. 


It was me who was supposed to have died, I was the one who was supposed to use the vaccine, because I would never be able to develop a new better vaccine, not on my own. But then at the last fucking second, she just went ahead on herself...And it was long, and it was horrible, and it should've been me.

Maybe she knew that you would have the better chance of staying alive long enough to develop a second.

I don't know what she was thinking. 

Let's talk about something else...Do you want to talk about Beau?

That is quite possibly the last thing I want to talk about.

You know, considering you sleep with him, you really seem to hate him. 

Where'd you get that impression?

You know what, never mind I don't even want to know the details of how you have the sex.

You're just bitter I get actual tail out here. Here's an idea, why don't I ask you an invasive question for once.


Your mom, do you remember her funeral at all?

Wow that is invasive. I'm sorry, since when did you give a rat's ass about the proxies rubbing shit in my face about my mom mystery?

I give a shit about many things without showing it.

Ughh, fuck, um. Well. Yeah I remember it. Are you asking for a play by play of the worst day of my life?

That is what I am asking. 

Well it, was in the middle of december and there weren't...a ton of people there. My mom had a shitty family, so it was basically me, my dad, and my grandparents. 

Your mom's parents?

No my dad's parents. They were there for moral support. 

Sounds like she did have a very shitty family. 

She was cremated so we spread her ashes around some, and then went home and had potato soup for dinner. That was about all that happened.


Why? What does that tell you? 

Doesn't confirm or deny anything. 

What do you have a theory on why they kept posting shit about her up there, or who was doing it? Would you like to share with the class.

I know who was doing it.

You do?

Do you remember the proxy from Caliente? The one who held you captive in the hospital?


Yeah, did you think he just got tired of us. He's been messing with us since day one. The new proxy on the premise, the one who keeps breaking our windows, and who killed the cop, she's wrapped up with him, I'm pretty certain of it.

So he's been watching us?

We're always being watched. You realize that don't you.

Even when we're shitting?

Even when we're shitting. 

That reminds me, did you ever hear anything about that journal you were looking for.

No I didn't. But I've been looking. 

Any idea who has it?

For all I know it was destroyed eons ago. It keeps bugging me. Shit comes back to haunt you when you think its over and done with, if there's anything I've learned from this life. Hey Danny.


You don't have to be paranoid, okay? At least, not about me. I'm not going to promise that everything will ever go according to plan, but I'd never do anything to intentionally fuck with you, and if I ever did have to put a bullet in your head it would be a last, last resort. All right? I want you safe and sane, because your my friend and believe it or not, that actually does mean something to me okay? I care about you. You got that?

...Thanks Anna.

Don't mention it. Is that all there is to say?

That's all there is to say. 


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Here's why we don't go to the police

More proxies out lurking in the desert again. Pretty sure the one who was crashing in the shack has just been loitering around.

Found a body out on the premises. It was a police man who'd been shot through the head with his own gun, and then after the fact had his heart dug out of his chest. From the look of it, no knife marks on the body, instead looks more like a wild animal dug it out with its claws and ran off with it.

When I was ten I was home alone, and I woke up and saw a tall man standing in my room. I got up and ran outside, locking the door and putting a few chairs between it and me. There was about a mile of space between me and our neighbors since I lived in a pretty rural town, but I ran the whole way and rose a shit storm waking them up and using their phone to call the police. They told me they'd send a guy over to check it out. The next morning, two police men were found hung from the rafters of the attic. Internal organs were missing from each of them, including their eyes. The deaths were not painless, nor were they fast.

Survival tip I forgot to add. They can't help you, is what I learned. There is nothing you can put between you and the monster that won't get torn to pieces. The only line of defense you have is you and your mind. Those cop's lives are on me, and this cop's life is on me. They are my fucking fault.

Don't hide behind anyone. Ever.

Haven't slept in 96 hours. I want to kill a proxy.