Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back From LA

So I'm back! We're back. Whatever, either way the whole mission was a failure. I've never seen Annalee so upset. Not that she's showing it on the outside, but I can tell she's pissed. Her "contact" had absolutely no idea how to take this spark plug out of my head. I'd be gloating over her finally getting beaten by someone if it didn't mean that I have a kill switch directly implanted in my brain.

That's really bringing me down these days.

In other news, Annalee won't let me out of the house. She doesn't want me going out to find my mom I guess. I mean, I get that. But I'm not a fucking kid. And it feels like I'm in prison or something. I never really realized how little freedom I have. Since I've gotten here, she hasn't trusted me to go anywhere alone. Annalee has all but literally chained me to my desk. She just keeps glaring at me from across the room, it's freaking me out. Basically, I'm not getting a moment to myself any time soon.

Now that I've got all this free time
I've been going back through my old blog posts (nothing better to do. Why can't I remember how I spent all my fucking time before this?). Way back in the beginning I said that I wouldn't be hanging around with Annalee for very long. It's kinda weird to read that now, I mean, I'd completely forgotten about ever planning to leave. I don't know where I thought I'd go. And I'm obviously not going anywhere now with her literally keeping an eye on me every second.

Anna was also pretty pissed about me posting that last conversation. I am having a really hard time feeling sorry about it though. I deserved to know, (I deserved to know a LONG time ago), and now it's down in print, it's on the internet and it can never be completely deleted. It was about time I got the chance to have the upper hand on her.

I'm rambling. But anyway, I may be on here more often than usual cause I'm so bored. And I need something to keep me from staring at the door. She's my mother Annalee.

Monday, August 18, 2014


[8:42:17], 7/10/14

Is it off?

Yes its off, now tell me right now what that lady was talking about.

Danny, cool your jets for one second.

No! What the fuck was that lady talking about? Is she alive? Is my mother alive? You were asking about her, if we saw the body and we didn't!

Danny calm down.


Yes! She's alive, all right?

...How long have you known.

...A while.

Define a while, Anna. We're you ever planning on telling me? No of course you weren't, because god knows this doesn't concern me in the fucking slightest, its only my fucking mother!

Listen Danny, ok? Just be quiet and listen.

I'm listening.

Your mom. She's not...She was involved.

Involved with what? With that thing? What do you mean involved? She was a runner? I knew her right up until she died and I never saw one sign of

Think harder. What exactly did you see.

...No. Fuck no.


She was a drug addict, she wasn't a fucking proxy. 

There's a reason you're involved, as much as I hate to admit it, that bitch was right. There are no coincidences in this life, and you don't just begin to be stalked.

When did you find out this?

...Fifteen years ago, I was traveling around with a man named Rex, and his posse. You remember me telling you that.

That's where you met Beau.

That's besides the point. We found a proxy, who Rex was convinced we could bring back, but his plan backfired horribly and she wound up killing him and his girlfriend and giving me this scar right here. That was how I met your mother. 

...She was the proxy who..

You look enough like her its uncanny. When I picked you up in the woods that night I already suspected.

You knew the whole time. 

I didn't know for sure, it was just a theory.

Is that why you kept me?

Fuck no Danny, whatever the hell train of thought you're having, stop it right now!

Where is she?

I don't know.

Yes you do. You know!

Ok maybe I do, and if I tell you, you're going to run off into the dark to look for her? Danny's she's insane!


Danny do not go out there!

She's my mom Anna!

So fucking what? She's murdered people! She's tried to kill us! She left you to fucking rot and she didn't look back.

You said that Rex guy thought we could bring her back.

Don't even go down that road, now sit down and listen. Right now Laurel and her goons have a kill chip installed in your brain and we are going to get you fixed. Your mom is a bridge we are going to cross at a later date. I know a guy in LA who can probably take that think out. You're coming with me and that is that.

...She's my mom Anna. She needs me. 

...We'll figure it out.

What does that mean?

I don't know, we'll just...we'll figure it out okay. But right now, pack your bags, we're heading to LA.