Friday, August 30, 2013

( x )

hate you

running runners running runners

easter sunday you wore black and ripped my hair out

monster you kissed a monster i saw you kiss a monster

one needle one cloud of smoke one needle one cloud of smoke

thought you were going to stay you said you would stay you said you would stay you said you would 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Report #8

[1:51:47}, 9/7813] 

We recording?

Yeah, are you comfortable sitting like that?

I'm fine. 

So we're back at the shack. Sorry it took so long, we just needed some time before we could move and it's not easy to record in a hospital. 

That old lady in there was a bitch.

She had cancer.

And I was throwing up blood. 

You both are bitch.

Thank you Jaime, that was my point.

Shut up faggot.

Key eres que me ponga jabon en la boca otra vez ...? Yo no lo creo.


Yeah, fuck you too you dirty piece of shit.

Were you going to contact Med about prosthetics for him?

I liked the plan where we tie him to his wheelchair and roll him off the grand canyon.

Yeah I know think it's smart to just keep him here?

I've had nastier bastards. Besides it's a matter of standard.

What do you mean?

This dirty fuck deserves everything he had coming to him. And now I think it best we just leave him to sit there and think about his actions. The people you don't trust you either kill or keep where you can see them. 

And you don't want to kill him?

No. I don't.

It kind of seems like the thing you'd be all for.

There's a difference between putting down a terminally ill kitten, and throwing a handicapped one off a bridge.

No ables de mi como si yo no estoy ah key.

Si te remenas quedado en escuela pedazo de mierda que se sabe lo que deciamos!

What did he say?

He said he wants you to spank him with a paddle and call him buddy boy.

No but seriously?

I was being serios...ugg.

You alright?

Shit, leaned over the wrong way. Oh fuck, get me a drink.

Doctor said no drinking.

Get me a fucking drink...and you quit snickering Jose!

Annalee come on, look I got the pain medication right here

I don't need any fucking pain medicine just get me a drink.

Okay, how about a deal. Tell me who Tilde is, and what's up with all this Redlight crap with Georgia, and I will give you your drink.

...Who the fuck is Tilde?

Tilde! You know! That person who you kept calling at the hospital. Uses the little squiggle when she comments on the blog.

Oh...right yeah...

Well...are you going to tell me?

Just give me the goddamn pain medicine.


I thought we were over this shit. I don't have to tell you a goddamn thing Danny.

If you clue me in, maybe I'll be able to recognize a threat when I see one, or heck figure out a solution to whatever it is your dealing with.

It isn't that simple!

Why isn't it?

Because ideas are contagious Danny. Lets say the Slender Man is a big nuclear bomb, and me and people like me are the first responders who are looking in at the mess, when we come out nobody can touch us though because touching a person covered in that much radiation is a one way ticket to growing a second head.

You think if I find out, knowing about it will hurt me?

Yes. That is what I think.

Well you know and you seem alright.

That's because I'm fucking bamf.

You never said that until you heard those kids at the hospital say it.

Shut up. Point is were not having this argument, end of discussion, hand over the meds.

Just tell me one thing.


Months ago, when you came in that one night and you collapsed and I thought you were dying...what happened?...Were you sick?

...I was visiting someone, and we were attacked, and I had an accident.

What kind of accident?

Just an accident alright? Now give me the meds.

...Yeah. Okay.