Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Report #14

[10:16:27, 2/17/15]

Well this is a place I never thought I'd be again.

So this place burned down?

Yeah, like, a really long time ago now.

Like two years? Just kinda a lot now.

Seems like forever.

So you think she might show up here?

All I can say is that we have been travelling for months and months and I'd be willing to try anywhere even remotely possible.  I mean, fuck, I thought she wanted to draw me out.

It might be because I'm here.

She doesn't like you?

It's more I think she'd have a problem killing me. She would kill Anna in a second.

Oh.  That's....awfully relaxing.  Thank you.  Why would she have a problem killing you?

It's complicated...

Everything always is.

Heh, yeah. I suppose it is. Is it tough seeing it gone like this? I mean that's a whole house right?

Yep.  That's my whole house.  But I mean, it's almost easier this way?  Does that make sense?  Cause it's just empty, burnt grass and shit.  I feel like....it'd be harder if it was the house I knew.  This could be anywhere, I can just forget that it's my house.

Maybe it's good you get to come here and make peace with it.

Yeah, maybe.  I mean, I've never been big on that whole making peace crap, but maybe it will be good.  I mean, isn't that the whole reason I'm looking for my mom anyway?

Is it? To put her behind you?

Well, no, that's not what I meant.

What did you mean then?

I meant that I can't live my life leaving things the way they are.  She's, I mean, she's my fucking mother.  I can't find out she's alive after all this time and then just nod and say oh sure, that's cool, what's for breakfast.

Even though she might be dangerous?

Beau, my life is dangerous.  As corny as it sounds, I probably won't live very long whether I go find her or not.

Well you never know. Me and Anna are living proof of that, but if you do find her what do you plan on saying?

I....did not think that far ahead.

It's kind of an important question.

I guess so.  I mean, I have a general idea of what I want to say it's just.....when I try to put it into words it sounds really stupid.

Pretend I'm her. What would you say?

Are we really doing this?


Fine, uh, hi mom.



Oh shit.

What are you doing with my son? Get away from him!

Oh my god oh my god right now?  Right now?


Daisy calm down!

Calm....calm down!  It's okay he's okay it's fine!  God, don't kill him!

Oh my god, Danny, Danny.

Uh, hi...mom.

I didn't...I didn't think I'd ever see you again.

Woah Daisy back up right now.

Me neither.  You were dead.

Oh Danny.

Danny I'm serious! Let's just all take a deep breath and back away from each other!

Why are you a proxy?


Ok I'm not fucking around here!

You...What did you and the witch tell him?

Daisy do not start pulling this shit.

Annalee?  She's not a witch, she's kinda a bitch, yeah, but it's different.

Just calm down okay? Let's all take a deep breath.

You were hiding him all this time. After everything I've been through, after everything I did, she was going to hide my own son from me.

No, she wasn't hiding me, you've got it wrong.  She saved my life, and I thought you were dead.  No one was keeping anyone from anyone else.

That's why you left that shack isn't it? Because you knew I'd found him.

I wanted to come find you...mom.  I wanted to talk is all.

You...wanted to see me?

Yeah!  I came out here trying to find you.

Sweetheart. How long has it been? I can't...Times been a weird thing. I missed you.

Like...fifteen years I think?  A long time.  A really long time.

You got so tall.

Did I?

My baby...

I'm not a baby anymore.  I'm twenty seven.

No I know, I know...I'm so sorry.

Why did you let us think you were dead?

I wanted to keep you safe. You were never supposed to get wrapped up in this.

Well what about after they found us?  When they burned the house down?  Why did it take you this long to come back?  And to not even come try to tell me you were alive?

I couldn't find you.

And then when you found me?

You disappeared again...He took you.

Now wait just a second

You need to shut up.

Hey, let Beau speak.

He's been helping her!

And she's been helping me.  Beau and Annalee are my friends.

She tried to kill me.

According to her, you tried to kill her.

Is that what you think?

She makes a very convincing case.

You're not going back there.

Of course I am.  I have nowhere else to go.

No you don't understand.


Back off! This doesn't concern you.

What don't I understand?

I'm here now Danny. We're together.

What, you want me to just roam around aimlessly with you?

That's not what I'm doing. I'm going to keep you safe.

I'm sorry, but I don't think you understand.  Yeah, I came to find you, and yeah you're my mom, but I don't know you.

You don't....oh...

I haven't seen you in years!  And even when you did live with us I can't say you were exactly a trustworthy role model.

Right...You're right. I'm...I'm...Shit, what am I doing?

You're confused.  I mean, I get what that's like.  I've been confused my whole life.

I need to get out of here.

Wait, I have more questions!

I'm sorry I just...I can't do this.

Daisy, wait.

I...............hate this.

So there she was.

I guess that's it.  That's what I came out here for.  That's what we've been spending all this time on.

Are you okay?

I feel less satisfied than when I started out.

We could follow her.

And what would that accomplish?  I mean, what did I even think meeting her would accomplish in the first place?

Maybe you wanted to save her?

Cause saving her went so fucking well last time.

You're not us though. You're you, and she's your mother.

I don't even know where I'd start.

I shouldn't...be saying this, but there's a person we can go talk to.


She's an old friend of me and Anna. She was in that old group.

I...I hadn't thought anyone else made it out alive.

She might be able to help us.

Help us, or help my mom?

I don't know, hopefully both.

Why didn't you tell me about her before?

I wasn't sure if Anna would want you to go see her after what happened with legion.

What does she have to do with legion?

It's complicated.

Well I think I should probably know before we find her, right?

It's just, Anna's got kind of a grudge.

Well then I'll turn off the recording and you can tell me on the way to wherever she is.