Sunday, November 23, 2014

Report #13

[11:22:06, 11/23/14]

So, finally checking in. Status update, absolutely nothing.

Sorry, Bro. This might take a while.

I understand that. Doesn't make it not annoying as hell.

Like I said, we may not find anything at all. That said, it's weird being back here.

Have you come back since you were here with her?

No. Never.

For all our loyal listeners out there, Beau and I are currently in an abandoned warehouse. Why, I hear you ask? Because apparently this is the last place that my mom was with Rex's gang, right Beau?

This was the last place I ever saw her, yes.

Unfortunately, other than the delightful dank smell and the cobwebs there appears to be nothing here.

Your mother can use the path, so my guess is she'll come out when she's good and ready.

It makes me think there's no reason to keep moving around trying to chase after her.

Maybe there is, maybe there isn't. I doubt she'd show up around Anna though. They didn't uh...part on good terms.

Oh God no, I didn't mean waiting for her to show up at the shack. That'd be a whole extra level of nightmare.

My plan is to find some places with significance to her. Maybe she'll show up.

I guess that sounds as good as anything else. Though I'm not a big fan of hitchhiking, how can you do it so often, Beau?

I don't know. I've been doing it for so long it doesn't really bother me anymore.

I guess I understand the concept of being able to get used to anything.

You do live with Anna.

Exactly my point. I never thought I'd have a point in my life where I considered rattlesnake an everyday dinner item, but look at me now.

A true wild boy.

For those who can't see I am literally jumping for joy.

We are all so proud.

I should program sarcasm detection into this thing. Seems like it'd come in handy.

Well I was only half sarcastic.

Hm, it'd be tricky to program half sarcasm into it.

Well, now I suppose we'll need to figure out somewhere else to go.

You got any more hot spots?

Hot spots?

You know, important places from her past.

Well kid, she is your mom.

Do you......You think we should go to my house?

I don't know, should we? Was that place important to her?

I don't, I mean, she was never there, I doubt she'd care about it. More likely we should check one of her crack dens.

Any idea where one of those might be?

Nope. We could try her grave.

She wasn't really buried there though, was she?

I guess not. I guess this is just proving how little I know about my own fucking mother.

Well I'm guessing you were important to her right?

It's doubtful.

You okay?

I'm fine. It's fucking pathetic is it that I can't even come up with a place that means anything to my own fucking mom?

Well that isn't your fault kid.

I know. I mean, yeah. It's been a long day is all. I had hoped we'd find something here.

Well maybe there's a clue here we still haven't found.

True. Wanna look around?

One more sweep can't hurt.

We're not going to get much else done today anyway.

Until next time then?

We'll check back in if anything actually happens.