Monday, January 13, 2014








         THE COURT:  Counsel for the defendant?

         PRESIDING STATE OFFICER:  Ma'am? Stand and say your name.
         MS. CARDINAL: Oh yes, I'm Annalee Cardinal.

         THE COURT: Please state your full name.
         MS. CARDINAL: Esperanza Annalee Delarosa Cardinal.
         THE COURT:  You do not use your first name casually?
         MS. CARDINAL: No I don't.
         THE COURT: Could you please state for the court, your age Miss Cardinal?
         MS. CARDINAL: I'm seventeen.
         THE COURT: You understand that as a seventeen year old you can be tried as an adult in court for your actions?
         MS. CARDINAL: Well I figured. Listen, if we could skip the protocol stuff and just get to the sentence.
         THE COURT:  I beg your pardon
         MS. CARDINAL: We all know why I'm here just ask me if I'm guilty or not, and then deal out the sentence.
         THE COURT: We aren't to that part of the hearing yet, Miss Cardinal.
         MS. CARDINAL: I know, I'm asking to you to skip-
         THE COURT: Please, would the defendant silence herself and allow the court to proceed. If she is really in such a hurry, she'd do better to keep her mouth shut.
         MS. CARDINAL: For christ sake.
         THE COURT: Are you finished? Good. Moving on. Can the Plaintiff please read the charges.
         PLAINTIFF: Ms. Cardinal is charged with several counts of first degree murder, assaulting a police officer, possession of illegal weaponry, motor vehicle theft, and driving while intoxicated. Early on the morning of May 2nd, 2001, Police received reports of a stolen car, and then in the evening reports of a drunk driver. Police identified the vehicle as the stolen car reported earlier in the day. The driver, Ms. Cardinal, was pulled over, and arrested. In her vehicle were two bodies, identified as Tobias Gerard, and Francisco Molina, who both have been listed as missing for five months. The vehicle also contained illegal weaponry, including a silent sniper rifle. Ms. Cardinal's finger prints were found and both the bodies, and the weapons. I should also find it relevant to mention that Ms. Cardinal's person had the victims blood on it as well, as is clearly visible now. 
         THE COURT: What was found on Cardinal's person?
         PLAINTIFF: A semi-automatic hand gun with the serial number removed, a flask of rubbing alcohol, a hunting knife, a switch blade, a sewing kit, $7,000 dollars in cash was sewn into the lining of her pants, a black leather notebook that is currently being translated from Spanish to English, a Spanish pocket bible, and an bible trading card of the Lady Guadalupe. 
         THE COURT: Ms. Cardinal are these items all yours. 
         MS. CARDINAL: The sewing kit belongs to a friend.
         THE COURT: Which friend?
         MS. CARDINAL: I can't remember her name. 
         THE COURT: Ms. Cardinal do you have a legal guardian who isn't incapacitated?
         MS. CARDINAL: No. 
         THE COURT: Do you know where your parents are?
         MS. CARDINAL: I know where one of them is.
         THE COURT: From the look of it your mother is not in the mental capacity to care for you.
         MS. CARDINAL: That is correct.
         THE COURT: Do you have anything to say in regard to your charges.
         MS. CARDINAL: Other than that I could use a shower?
         THE COURT: Ms. Cardinal these are serious crimes your accused of. Two innocent men have been found dead. Please take this trial seriously, and do not mock the court. 
         MS. CARDINAL: I withhold any comments, how's that for you?
         THE COURT: How to you plead to these charges leveled against you?
         MS. CARDINAL: I'm allowed to appeal?
         THE COURT: Ms. Cardinal this is a preliminary hearing, and you haven't even received a sentence yet. Now, how do you plead?
         MS. CARDINAL: Am I allowed to plead for a lesser crime?
         THE COURT: No. This is a preliminary hearing, you can plead either guilty or not guilty.
         MS. CARDINAL: All right then. I plead that I don't plead.
         THE COURT: In that case the court is left with no other option than to place your sentence. After reviewing the evidence I pronounce you guilty. From here you'll be admitted to a Federal Prison, where you will await a State Trial to verify your status. At this point in time however I sentence you to life.
         MS. CARDINAL: Well that was short and relatively painless.
         MS. ROGERS: Your honor, there's a man outside who says his name is Beau Roland, and he'd like to be admitted as a witness, I told him he can't do that, but he keeps insisting.
         THE COURT: Have him escorted out and ask him to call at a regular time.
         MS. ROGERS: There are two other men here as well, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They would like to question Ms. Cardinal.
         MS. CARDINAL: I'm object to that. Do not let them in here.
         THE COURT: That isn't your call to make, please escort her out please.
         MS. CARDINAL: Keep the hell away from me.
         THE COURT: There's no need to get upset Cardinal.
         MS. CARDINAL: I'll take a life sentence, but keep the goddamn FBI away       from me!
         PLAINTIFF: Jesus somebody restrain her.
         MS. ROGERS: Your honor Mr. Roland just


Sunday, January 5, 2014

There once was a white rabbit, who lived in a burrow in the woods, with her sisters and mother. Everyday mother rabbit would warn the white rabbit to not leave the burrow at night, for foxes roamed the wood and they would certainly gobble her up. The white rabbits sisters all listened to their mother, but the white rabbit didn't heed the warning. One evening she got it in her head that she could swipe from the fox one of his red hairs, and bring it back to the other rabbits as proof of her courage. So she snuck out after her mothers and sisters had drifted off to sleep, and discovered a fox, slumbering in his den. She plucked a single red hair, and immediately the fox yowled and awoke. He spotted the rabbit and made a lunge for her. The white rabbit frightened, ran out of the den, the fox in pursuit. The rabbit ran, and ran until she uncovered, in the darkness, a large glassy surface. A frozen pond. She padded out on top of it, but the ice was thin, and before she knew it, it had shattered, leaving her to drown. She stayed at the bottom of the frozen pond til summer, when a black dog uncovered her. The dog gobbled up the rabbit. The red hair floated to the bottom of the pond, and vanished into the murk. 
The End
Now Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
I love you