Monday, July 22, 2013

We Broke the Hospital Rule

So as you can tell, interrogation didn't go very well. In fact I think that might've been the worst fucking our shit has ever taken because I woke up yesterday morning in a hospital.

I don't know if she's mentioned this before but Annalee's got this "Don't get someone to fix something you can fix on your own rule," that applies to pretty much everything. She has a vehement problem with hospitals. She doesn't like them, she doesn't like putting the people inside them in danger, she has her own med kit, so she says don't check into hospitals.

But a few days ago she did. She checked herself, Jaime, and me into a hospital. That's how fucked we were.

I can't exactly remember what happened after the interrogation. We were underground in the storerooms, and Annalee was questioning the Proxy and trying to get him to tell her why he was there, when all of a sudden the door crashes in and this dude dressed like a cop starts firing at us. Annalee put a knife right through his head, but then he...came back to life I guess. I don't remember that being a part of a proxies skill set. 

This guy, Morningstar, I guess, came down and tried to get at the proxy. Annalee had me wheel him into the back cellar while she took him on alone. From what I heard from the door it sounded like she was really getting hurt. Her ribs were already broken I mean, and she'd make a fuss about sitting up in the morning and then here she is trying to fight off this fucking guy who just gets up when you put a knife through his head. 

Then the next thing I knew, there was this pool of that black stuff you guys are always on about leaking through the door, and Annalee was freaking out and trying to break it down and...jeez it just kind of latched onto me. I'm probably remembering this wrong but it started tearing me apart, and I blacked out and next thing I know we're in a hospital.

I guess out of everybody I got off the most scotch free, again. All I have are these weird burns all over that I hope are going to go away at some point. Annalee's ribs are officially in pieces and one of them punctured her stomach so she's been throwing up blood and been in a really terrible mood. She has a concussion, a broken nose, and is missing a ton of teeth. There's also this big chunk missing from her right arm, like somebody bit into it. 

Jaime's legs are gone. I know he's a hardened gang criminal and all but I feel sort of bad for the guy. He was chained up and didn't have any way to escape, and he's still in shock. He's been laying around staring at the wall with this terrified expression. I don't know what we're going to do with him, to be honest. It seems cruel to just leave him to fend for himself after we killed all his gang buddies and then crippled him for life.

Annalee made up a lie we were mauled by a mountain lion and I somehow fell into a campfire. I think she might be trying to bribe the doctor into letting us go without asking too many questions, which seems like a not too good plan. I don't know how rational she's being right now, considering last I spoke to her she was going to rip out her IV and make an escape via window, forgetting we're on the fourth floor and the fact that there is absolutely no reason she should be alive at the moment. She's really really pissed off by this whole ordeal.

She's being secretive again though, which okay I can understand because if I'd kept the secret about who all we have locked up we wouldn't be in this situation. 

I wish she'd just tell me some more of what's going on though, so I at least know.

The proxy mentioned Georgia, which was really weird. Georgia, see, she was a doctor. Like a really smart doctor. A lot of the notes in Anna's archive are hers, and you can actually read those. If he knew her...I don't know. I shouldn't be here talking about shit without telling her. 

I guess bottom line is we're all for the most part alive. 

Don't worry too much, I'm sure we can sort all of this out. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Report #7

[12:45:25, 18/7/13] 

I suggest you run as fast as you can and as far as you can.

Or you'll kill me?


What did you do to Danny?

Do you even have the slightest clue what you have done here?

Enlighten Me!

The Most Dangerous and Evil Person on the planet. And you just kept me from killing him. Today. Here. With him... We should have been allies.

He had information! Information I needed!

He had lies. He had sweet words. He had everything he needed including a new Body to run around in. To begin again.


That boil. Was more dangerous than anything you have ever seen short of Father himself. Including me.

You think I didn't know what that thing was? You think I'm a fucking dumbass? Do you know what that autopsy could've had in it? Try the GODDAMN ANSWER TO WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR.

You KNEW? AND You were so fucking STUPID that you DIDN'T FUCKING KILL HIM ON SIGHT? Do you know what he is capable of? He was probably, oh I don't know, A few minutes away from hopping in your body? Or Danny Boy over there?

Which reminds me, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HIM?

You should be more worried about what is about to happen to you.

Fix him.


[audio confusion]

I said FIX HIM.

[audio confusion]


Fuck...fuck...just...I'll give you information. If you put him back together I'll tell you what I found out.

Put him back together...? Oh... I can't do that. No. Not at all. I am sure his body would heal in time, but you two... You don't really have that as a luxury anymore now do you?

Then I guess you'll never know what it is that will wind up killing you.

A LOT OF THINGS CAN KILL ME! A lot of things... WORSE than Death out there. And that Big Red PSYCHOPATH is at the center of ALL OF THEM.

[cough] In all frankness I think I know which one I'd rather deal with.

You think so huh? You think he is preferable to me...? There is something I do want to know. Might even spare someone's life in exchange. How did you know who he was, cause he sure as hell didn't tell you.

Why should I...tell you a thing?

Because if you do I want kill Lois Lane over there. What do you think Superman? Sounds like a good deal, doesn't it?

Prove it. Fix him. And I'll tell you.

I'll be right back then.........



Is the kid upstairs still alive?

Yeah. But won't be walking around for... A Long, Long time. Now tell me.

Years ago, a guy broke into my store rooms...It was the only time I ever met him, but I didn't forget it.


There's a lot of information stored up in here. It's more valuable than someone like you would realize.

Don't presume to know what I do and do not realize...Hmmm...Interesting... Tell me something. What do you hope to gain from chatting with him?

How could I of all people pass on the chance to dissect red light?

Now that, I can get behind. But you are wasting your time. That wasn't Big Red's Body. Nothing in there would have helped. Trust me. I just ate it... But... If you are so very keen on findng red light again...Maybe I can let you live. Just a bit longer. On the condition that if you find anything that even SMELLS of red light. You tell me. Immediately.

I'm not your dog.

Well fine. If that is the case, maybe I oughta give you a taste of your own medicine. Let's see what makes you tick, huh?

Go to hell!


Oh what now!......OH COME ON!!...Please?...Just an HOUR!...Just give me a fucking HOUR!... Well kids! It's been a blast. But there's trouble back at the ranch and it's all hands on deck. Annalee, you take care. If you run into anymore Redlight related trouble, just give me a call and we can have another dance. Danny, stay in school, eat your vegetables and be in bed by Nine. Kay? Kay. It's been a blast, really.



[bottle clink]'s me...when you get this message nng...c-call me back. You and I are going to have to talk. I need to know how to obliterate Morningstar.


Report #6

[12:00:33, 18/7/13] 

Is it recording?

Yes, but

Good. Okay you ugly motherfucker, just what the hell are you?...I asked you a question!

Annalee, this is crazy.

Listen to me Danny, this thing isn't a proxy, it isn't human, now shut up and record. Why are you here?


Excuse me.

Where is she?

She's dead you piece of shit. 

Where's the antidote?

The antidote?

Danny shut up.'re going to help me.

Like hell I'm going to help you. Why did you come back here, huh? 

You know this guy?

Danny I'm not going to tell you again. 

I can't die...not supposed to die. 

Why does morning star want you dead?

Morning star? You told morning star I was here?

No I

[audio confusion]

Holy shit! Annalee that was the land mine!

I know! Shut the fuck up Danny.

He's coming! He's coming and he's going to kill me!

We're going to have to move this along, sorry but rough luck.


Annalee! That's Jaime!

Danny for the love of God shut your trap!

[audio confusion]

Put your hands up and get on the Ground. One Warning.

Holy fuck!


Holy fuck! Holy fuck! What did you just do? Holy fuck Annalee you just...did you just kill a cop? Shit Annalee...Annalee are you listening?

Guess I was wrong...Then again...I'll deal with him later.

Deal with him later? Is this what we're doing now? Killing police officers.

That thing isn't a police officer. Hand me the scalpel.

He'll kill me! Dammit he'll kill me!

Put a sock in it!


Oh god make it stop.



My goodness. How the mighty have fallen.





Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So I Finally Got Shot.

I knew it was only a matter of time until it happened, but now that it has I'm not sure exactly what to say on the matter other then it caught me completely off guard and goddamn does it hurt like a bitch. Believe it or not it wasn't a proxy, or I guess it was, I'm still a little unclear on the whole matter. Annalee hasn't said much.

I'm getting ahead of myself though, it's just...Man has it been a rough couple of days.

So here's a fun way to wake up in the morning. You open your eyes to see a group of masked dudes covered in tatoos with machine guns and machete's that are all pointed in your general direction.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but Annalee has a very impressive arsenal. You wouldn't guess it but she's got some fire power that for the longest time I had no idea how she came by it legally. Until yesterday when it became painfully clear that she didn't come by it legally. Turns out she's been buying guns from gangs she's been conning in the Las Vegas area, and yes that is plural as in she's been buying guns from competing gangs, which is why yesterday morning I woke up with guns pointed in my general direction and a lot of angry teenagers screaming at me in Spanish.

There must have been about five or six of them, but they all looked between the ages of 15 and 20. They all had shaved heads and these really gnarly looking tattoos. I swear for a second I thought they were proxies.

The leader, Jaime, kid about seventeen was looking for Annalee because as he put it elegantly, "We're going to fucking rip her apart." Which when you're getting the crap beat out of you, is kind of a hard argument to fight.

The reason Annalee made off with a lot of these guy's shit without ever getting caught was because not only did she live in the middle of nowhere in the desert, but she's got a knack for disappearing and I won't lie and say I don't think Slendy has anything to do with it. There definitely seem to be some sources that have lead to her managing to evade the peril of people outside His control.

Jaime however, apparently was tipped off that this was the place she was at. He had me strapped to a chair and beaten senseless, as is often the case, and then tore apart the shack looking for Annalee. It didn't take him too long to find her, because to my surprise she wasn't exactly hiding. She was holed up in her operating room, asleep under her table with a bunch of paper work. They dragged her out and held her up execution style. She didn't seem all that impressed though.

I couldn't pick up a ton of their conversation because unfortunately it was in Spanish. Whatever Annalee was saying though it definitely had Jaime pissed off. He kept shouting and pointing at her and me, and then this one guy in a ski mask who I guess was like his right hand man? Eventually he got sick of Annalee's shit, and backhanded her. When he did that, he was close enough for her to trip him, he fell forward, which was her cue to rip her hands free, and turn the tables, holding him up at gun point.

Then she said something along the lines of "You don't fuck with me."

It was then right hand man went for her, and everything dissolved into chaos. They all but mobbed her, holding her down, which left me some space to escape. If there's one thing Annalee's taught me after getting caught so much, it's how to escape from rope.

I got loose and managed to shoot a couple guys in the head, and one guy in the back, and Annalee had already put one out of commission, so all this left was Jaime and his right hand dude. I was a little surprised by how close Annalee came with these dudes, but as she was fighting them I guess she noticed something because all of a sudden she looked really freaked out. She suddenly right-hooked the guy in a ski-mask and ripped his mask off.

This is where shit gets a little weird. The guy underneath the mask had this sick black growth coming out of the side of his head, and his eyes were totally dead. You know movies where like an alien monster latches on to somebody's head and controls them, that's pretty much what this dude looked like. This was enough to freak Jaime the hell out, and he started screaming "Que es eso!? Answer me bitch!" over and over.

Annalee seemed to know what was up though. I remember her asking the right hand man what he thought he was doing taking advantage of kids, to which he responded that she didn't really have any room to talk. She made a move to knock him out, but then his gun went off and it somehow ended in me getting shot.

So now, here I am, typing to you as I lay on Annalee's filthy as fuck operating table that was until now exclusively for dead people. She already took the bullet out and bandaged me up but fuck it hurts.

Jaime is chained up in the kitchen, still screaming mind you, and Annalee's got the proxy locked up in the cellar. She says we're going to interrogate him, so you can have that to expect.

We're all cool though, not too bad. Jaime fucked up the side of Annalee's face, but she didn't seem too concerned. We might get some good information out of this, so make due with what you got I suppose.

Hope the rest of you are doing alright too.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Important: Missing Info

Recent events have made me start to reevaluate some of my past subjects. I've had some things called into question and things I didn't think were important before have suddenly become very important. This file in particular. It's almost a year old now.

Age of Subject: 20-25

Sex: Female

Height: 5,3''

Weight: 94 pounds

Cause of Death: Drowning.

Subject was found frozen in a pond. Body has suffered mild deterioration but is overall in tact. Blood stream shows almost 100% concentration of Black Liquid, no blood is present in the body. Skin is sickly color. Eyes are not dilated as they should be after death. Heart is missing from autopsy, but removal was not the cause of death, suggesting heart was removed after subject died. Water in lungs has trace amounts of black liquid, though may have washed it out while subject was drowning. Head shows evidence of numerous concussions before death as well as a fractured skull that was stapled closed. Brain is saturated with black liquid where cerebral arteries should be filled with blood. Subject shows signs of extreme weight loss, leading to the assumption she was lost in the woods at the time of her death. Black Operator symbols are carved into skin, the oldest dating at relatively two months before death, though some show signs of being carved over more than once. The newest can be dated at several minutes before death. Dried black liquid can be found under nails, confirming these cuts were self inflicted. Left arm shows signs of recent break. Tongue is mangled, as though subject attempted to bite it off. There are no signs of other wounds on person.

This particular girl wandered through my territory a little while before her death. She was far gone to say the least. Could barely get a coherent word out of her before she up and vanished. She left a couple of dead birds on my doorstep and the next time I found her she was face up at the bottom of pond, completely frozen. One of the weirder deaths. My guess is she probably killed herself. 

She said a lot of things, but one I remember a lot was that whatever she'd done wasn't her fault. When you're crazy like she was it's hard to be sure on any count. Personally I wasn't a fan, but then I have a hard time pitying proxies anymore. It's one of those things I don't feel much like over-thinking. 

She had a journal on her she wouldn't let me look at. She nearly clawed my eyes out when I reached for it. It has come to my attention this journal might be of some importance, though I really don't have any idea for sure. My memory is shit but I can swear it was blue, had some kind of design on it. It's bothered me for a while, and now that certain things have come to light, I have reason to believe it was important. It wasn't anywhere to be found when I dragged her out of the lake, so it may in fact have been destroyed. 

If anyone has seen anything like it out there, do drop me a line. It would suck absolute shit if it had the key to all of this, and someone had already shoved it through a paper shredder.

Consider it missing and in need of finding. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July

You'd think with a bunch of fractured ribs and the fact she can't go two and a half seconds without shouting "MOTHERFUCK," Annalee wouldn't be all that excited to go to a 4th of July display. Well guess I was wrong on that front. She woke me up this morning and told me to get in the truck.

I really had no idea where she wanted to go and she was keeping a tight lip about it. Said she wanted it to be a surprise. So I drove while she laid down passenger shouting bloody murder every time we hit a bump. I know I should feel bad for her because she's basically been put out of commission for six weeks with her ribs but I've seen the woman pull bullets out of her stomach, and I suppose it's just best to say she's a lot more volatile about her pain then she is affected by it.

We drove out to this seedy little place right outside of Vegas and waited there until night fall. There was quite a bit of boozing and swearing on her part. She bought us some hotdogs and beers and we wound up on the hood of her car watching the fireworks being shot up from various hotels and listening to Johnny Cash blast from the truck's crappy stereo. Annalee said something along the lines of "Johnny Cash is as American as gets." I don't know whether to say she's right or wrong because Weirld Al is pretty American guys, but it was nice all the same.

I don't know how she keeps up with this sort of stuff though. I've never seen a Calendar in her shack and even I can't keep track of days, but she's got them all internalized. Maybe she thinks the structure is necessary or something so she knows when her vacation days are from shitty desert hell.

Or maybe she's just doing it for my sake. Who knows. She seemed more interested in Cash than any fireworks. It feels kind of like we're coming to a compromise on some things, which is funny because it also feels like we haven't said two words to each-other since we got back. I think that's alright though. We've reached our understanding of one another and it's good.

It's been a long time since I've had anyone I could consider a friend.

Happy 4th of July everyone.