Sunday, January 5, 2014

There once was a white rabbit, who lived in a burrow in the woods, with her sisters and mother. Everyday mother rabbit would warn the white rabbit to not leave the burrow at night, for foxes roamed the wood and they would certainly gobble her up. The white rabbits sisters all listened to their mother, but the white rabbit didn't heed the warning. One evening she got it in her head that she could swipe from the fox one of his red hairs, and bring it back to the other rabbits as proof of her courage. So she snuck out after her mothers and sisters had drifted off to sleep, and discovered a fox, slumbering in his den. She plucked a single red hair, and immediately the fox yowled and awoke. He spotted the rabbit and made a lunge for her. The white rabbit frightened, ran out of the den, the fox in pursuit. The rabbit ran, and ran until she uncovered, in the darkness, a large glassy surface. A frozen pond. She padded out on top of it, but the ice was thin, and before she knew it, it had shattered, leaving her to drown. She stayed at the bottom of the frozen pond til summer, when a black dog uncovered her. The dog gobbled up the rabbit. The red hair floated to the bottom of the pond, and vanished into the murk. 
The End
Now Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
I love you


  1. A black dog? A black dog, or *the* black dog?

    Who posted this? Who breached the security? I have some questions that you're going to answer fully.

  2. 'Devour the Rabbit' and 'Kill Me'. Looks like Annalee is compromised, assuming the rabbit is her in this metaphor.

    Why is it nobody stops posting for two months because they decided to learn to play the cello?