Thursday, May 29, 2014

Report # 9

[11:25:05], 5/29/14

And it's up!

Should I pop the cork?

Yeah man, do it! Ah fuck and now there's champagne on me.

Sorry dude.

If Annalee can buy this shit, why does she have like a pot of moonshine hidden under the remains of the sink anyway?

I dunno. Why buy coke when you can afford root beer? It's a weird question there dude. 

Whatever, point is, hurray, everything is officially reprogrammed. Beau is here with me, say hi Beau.


And Annalee is...somewhere?

She said she was going to take a walk. 

What? She's barely been three feet from the storage rooms and as soon as I get this thing going she goes for a walk?

Apparently. There's a pond like a half a mile away from here, and I think she wanted a bath. I might go join her after this.


You're free to come. 

Ewwwwww! No stop winking gross. You're doing that just to screw with me, stop it. The less I know about your nasty brand of sex the better. 

Ain't nothing nasty about it.

Ughh, this is not going how I planned at all. So finally everything is up and running again, which I guess means that this is sort of a formal invitation for something to come and fuck it all up, right?

That's right. 

Right. Man...I just realized, I've been out here for more than a year.

Crazy how the time flies right?

How long have you been on the run?

When I was seven something got into my house and killed my baby sister. That was twenty-three years ago, and ever since then.  

Christ. So longer than Annalee then?

Mmm hmm. It's not something I'm very proud of. 

Why's that?

You can out run death all you want really, but it isn't free. Some people just go bankrupt sooner then others you know?

You have the worse metaphors.

Eh, it's complicated. You live long, you see more people die, you lose parts of yourself you wish you'd held on to. Once your marked he'll get you, but he'll take his time. 

Doesn't sound like you're that bothered. 

I'm not. I mean, we all gotta die. Nobody ever said life was easy or that bad things wouldn't happen. You just gotta keep living you know? Annalee...that's her hang up, she just can't let shit go sometimes. She was never somebody who could...I dunno, move on.

Beau...we're still recording?

Right. I forgot. 

How'd you meet Annalee?

When I was fifteen I was traveling around with this shithead, Rex, and we found this truck in the woods that had gone off the road and crashed. We cracked it open and found her curled up in a cooler. 

What was she doing there?

I don't know. I don't think I ever asked her. Rex pulled her out and I thought she was gonna kill us both. See this scar here? She bit me. 


Once she calmed down though we took her back to the trailer we'd been squatting in, and I remember she was crying, but her face wasn't moving. Like...Like she had tears running down her face, but she didn't seem to know they were there. It scared me shitless. 

...You alright?

Mmm...I actually think I'm gonna head out. 

Head out where?

Got places to go little man. I think I'll walk to the road and catch a ride out to the Grand Canyon or something. Seen it before but I've never been to the bottom. 

What right now? 

Tell Annalee I said goodbye. 

Wait, don't you want to tell her yourself. 

She'll get it.

Beau...Hey Beau Wait!


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