Saturday, May 25, 2013

Internet Safety

I've been a bit wary about this whole blog thing for a few weeks now. What happened at the hospital, I'm about ninety percent sure it happened because I mentioned our outing. 

And I realized how hard it was to keep from blogging.

It's him, in my head again. Getting me to do things I should know better than to do. It's aggravating is all because I never had this problem until the damn temptation arose...Nowadays it's like I've got twitchy fingers and I just need to type about the stupidest shit. Like how Danny wheezes too much and the dead raccoon I found in the storm cellar, and fuck I'm doing it right now!

It's been bugging me since the incident, but I'm too knee deep now to stop. Journaling just doesn't do it anymore. 

Fucking Slenderman.

So I suppose this is a headsup that outlining plans is not going to be a thing that happens on this blog.

There's a big change coming and I can feel it. Proxies are not what they used to be and I can feel a big shift coming. I'm trying to fix things, but it's all about to get a lot worse and the less you know the better.

So yeah Danny may come on and say shit like, "Annalee is keeping secrets! I thought I could trust her, blah blah blah," but I'm going to make this very clear now. I keep secrets to keep people safe. 

Ideas are very dangerous things ladies and gentlemen. Not everything should be broadcast over the internet and not everything is something I can trust Danny with.

There's just going to be some problems that are going to stay my problems, and telling you about them would make them your problem. As members of the stalked you should all understand that. 

Now you can take that statement as a challenge to torment me until you get the answer you want, you can take it as a sign I'm about to go darkside, or you can put a little faith in a person who's been around for fifteen years and trust I know what I'm doing.

That's all I'm going to say on the matter. 


  1. All I'm going to say is good luck. Is Danny okay?

  2. Ideas are dangerous, I mean look at my faceless master, he was just a thing on a photo and now he is killing people left and right, has countless cults and followers and so on...

    Fun isn't it?

    1. Yeah dipshit. That was exactly what I fuckin meant. Learn to read between the fucking lines.

  3. I'll take that 3rd option with a request.

    If you have a plan that might affect us, tell us what we need to know.


    1. Like I said, less you know the better.

  4. Everything going alright over there for now?

  5. I give you hope.
    More I cannot give.