Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Message For You Sir!

So a woman showed up outside today. We both thought for a second she was the proxy who's been circling the premises, but she looked pretty sane. She said she was from L.E.G.I.O.N. and that she was delivering a message to Anna. It's a bit worrying considering the last time we saw anybody from L.E.G.I.O.N. we were high tailing it out of their scary underground fortress with stolen documents, although Anna said it was naive to think we wouldn't be hearing from them sooner or later. This is what the letter said:

      Here's to hoping you are in the best of health and are feeling both physically and mentally well. I'd like to apologize for my actions in October when you were forcibly seized from your "home." Our truce served us well over the years, and it is inconvenient that two forces so dedicated to a single cause should find themselves in conflict. If you'd be willing to meet with me I would happily discuss an alternative course of action, where I do not have to lock you up like a prisoner and you and your allies do not have to escape in the night like thieves. We should be friends unified in our crusade. 

I look forward to your response,


Anna's been using the paper as a target for her throwing knives, and she told the delivery girl that she wasn't meeting with anyone, and if they wanted to talk they knew where to find her. I'm just hoping nobody comes crashing through the windows and drags us out in the night again like the first time. I'm not sure if this letter is supposed to be a trap or not, because if it is, it just seems too obvious, you know? It might be they really want to make peace with her, seeing as how she has all these stolen files. Who knows.

In other news, the proxy that's been hanging around has gotten a little bolder. We woke up this morning and found a bunch of snakes stuffed inside of a dead deer. I'll give her one thing, she's certainly...creative.

She hasn't attacked us yet, but Anna seems to think she's going to. Maybe we'll get lucky and it'll turn out this proxy was actually like an insane mountain man from over the bluff, who's been trying to persuade us subconsciously into going to his art show. That's my two bit theory.

As it would be, stuff is weird as always.


  1. Annalee, our Army Recruitment Kid left a comment on my blog requesting that I kill you (which I am not going to do because I am busy, in a different continent, and no payment was even alluded to.) I have no idea whose ice cream you have stolen and how the leap was made from 'recruit' to 'kill'. But I figured I may as well tell you, since it would appear to be a matter the two of you could handle more directly.

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