Thursday, July 31, 2014


[8:09:35], 7/10/14

It really is a wonder this place hasn't fallen in on you yet. A house of cards would be more stable.

Shove it up your ass.

Just looking out for you Annalee dear, I worry about you on your own up here.

Yeah I bet you do.

How is Daniel?

Fine. Perfect. Super. Could not be better.

You make faces like that all the time and it'll stick like that you know.

Yeah well what's your excuse? Look can you just skip to the part where you stick a syringe in my neck and make me cry about my basket case mother? You making passive aggressive small talk is an embarrassment.

It's called etiquette but none the less your right. On to business. It's come to my attention you plan on leaking LEGION information to your KGB friend.

You can't really complain, can you? You pinned my eyelids open and zapped me senseless. Our truce is officially off.

Anna, I don't enjoy killing runners. Nor do I enjoy damaging them permanently.

Doesn't stop you from doing it.

It's counter-intuitive to my ultimate goal, and it's a sad facet of the job. You and I acknowledged that long ago, now didn't we?...But anyway. You've gotten to the point where you're unfortunately more valuable alive than dead. Congratulations.

Ha ha.

That's the product of all the sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. Now of course I could just lock you up and torture any information I wanted out of you, but you're not a petulant child anymore, and I can't just lock you up to make you behave anymore. So as you can see, my problem is-

How do you put me under your thumb, when torturing me proves not to work.

...Yes. How do I do that?

I'm sure you know the double B rule. Bribes and Blackmail. And you don't have shit on me to threaten me with, so what exactly are you going to offer?

Be realistic. I'd jump off a bridge before willingly giving you any of my documents.

So then we're at an impasse.

Oh it would appear that way. But unfortunately you once again slipped up.

...Beg your pardon?

Honestly Annalee, it is not as impossible to outfox you as you might think. You may be the luckiest business woman this side of the Mississippi, but you are a far cry from the cleverest.

...What did you do to him?

Daniel! Could you come in here please. Stop listening at the door like a stranger.

Oh shit.

Danny get your ass in here! We X-Rayed him there wasn't shit there. What did you do to him?

It's a tricky little device. Not impossible to detect but definitely hard to spot if you don't know what you're looking for. It can administer lethal levels of electric shocks.

No way, that's nothing but a bunch of scifi bullshit. You don't have that kind of torture weapon.

I'll demonstrate.

Holy fuck!

That's a light voltage. Of course a lethal voltage would be quite a bit more painful.


Anna darling, you make this too easy for me.

...What makes you think he matters to me?...Go ahead, kill him, I don't care.


Oh calm down Daniel, I know a bluff when I hear one. You honestly think there's one thing preventing me from delivering this dosage.

You said it yourself, killing runners is counterintuitive to your cause, and what do I have to lose other than a tie up. You kill him, and I'm free as a bird to kill you where you stand.

Very shrewd Anna, I'm impressed, and only how many glasses of alcohol in you? My goodness you must have two hollow legs.

Shut the fuck up.

Then again, maybe we could arrange to have you dragged back in. There were a few more blood tests that results I want to recheck. Also...


Anna it's a simple watch, no need to be afraid. I'll wind it back, and you tell me again about the night your father disappeared.

Stop it!

It must have been so hard, being abandoned again. Perhaps that's why you have issues with trus—Ugh!

You stay the FUCK out of my head, and stay the FUCK away from Danny.

What will you give me in return?...I'll tell you what you'll give me, you'll put me down this second for starters...Good girl.

Go to hell.

Next there's not going to be any export of those files you stole from us, nor will there be any disclosure on our operations or various projects. If your breach our confidentiality I'm not locking you up, I'm going to have you and your stooge shot and thrown in the ocean, is that clear?...I said is that clear Anna?

Yes, it's very fucking clear you psychopathic bitch.

There's not going to be any information trade with your Russian vigilante. I don't need some loaded unhinged fool storming my base, I deal with enough of those already.

Is that all?

Hardly. We still need a trade to re-cement our truce.

I think you meant to say noose.

You're adorable. I want two things, the first is the biological sample of your friend Tilde you took.

Why the hell would you want that? It's barely more than some raw azoth.

Oh there are some properties there I am very interested in.

You leave her the fuck alone.

I don't think my work is any of your concern. The second thing I want is Summer's remains...You have them don't you.

I burned Georgia.

You did say something to the contrary when we had you under. I think I have it on tape...Anna, where are they? I want the sample and the remains right now.

...Give me a minute.

Very good...So Daniel, I must ask, how's it been living in the desert with this trigger happy maniac? Must be very enlightening I imagine, though there are other runners I must say who would treat you with a bit more dignity.

Ughh shut up.

Still recovering from the shock? I apologize for that, it's a shame you'll have to suffice as Anna's leash for the time being. She's been without one for too long. Let's not talk about though while we're alone. How's your mother? Have you seen her?

...My what?

Your mother.

My mother's dead.

...Oh now that's cruel.

What!? What is!

I thought she'd told you.

Told me what?

I'll let you bring it up with Anna. An important lesson though Daniel, to keep in mind when you're living this life with these threats. Coincidences are never just coincidences. Ah and speak of the devil, wonderful. Oh and you've already labeled them too, though this isn't some sort of silly disguise trick is it.


We've got checks for that sort of thing.


Anna, what I'm asking is really not all that unreasonable. Cheer up.

Go fuck yourself.

This is Miss Summer's remains huh? Funny how a person after so much can fit into a jar this size DON'T YOU DARE HIT ME AGAIN.

Hey, it's my terms!


Get the fuck out of my house. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE.

All right darling, no need to have a hernia. Daniel, my regards.

...She said something about my mother. She said you were keeping something from me...Anna?...Anna say something.

Turn off the computer.





  2. Figured that there was something like this going on, there's no way they came over to visit you and then left without pointing at gun at your head.

    Hope the information I've sent, will help.

  3. Very efficient, LEGION.

    Getting rid of the shocker has got to be the priority.

  4. And this is why I gave her the documents.