Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Report #11

[2:13:05, 9/9/14]

So, hi guys.

Yes. Hello.

Wow, Annalee. Thanks for actually talking to me today, unlike recently.

Hey I talk to you.

Not about anything important.

I thought you said you wanted to do a report.

Yeah, I do. Where's my mother?

How the hell should I know? It's not like I've got a tracking collar on her or whatever.

Well an area then! I know you know, I know you've got an idea of where she is.

Oh you know huh? Did you know I once saw your mom rip a guy's throat out with her finger nails? Did you know that?........Danny I'm not an idiot. I know how this shit works. Its the oldest trap in the eldritch terror book and I know you think, Oh I'm Danny and I went to college so I have a fucking idea what I'm doing, but you don't okay? You are starting down one hell of a bad road.

Stop it. Stop saying shit like that.

No. Because you're thinking you've got the power to fix her and you know what? I'm going to tell it to you straight. You don't.

Well maybe I don't, but we can find someone who does!

She's a lost fucking cause.


She didn't care about you enough to be there for you when she was normal! What makes you think you're enough now! Shit. Fuck. I didn't mean that.

She's my mom, and you weren't fucking there! How do you know how she felt about me! Screw you and your stupid leave everyone behind life, I'm not you!

You're only setting yourself up to be hurt, or worse.

I'm sorry that my heart's not so frozen solid that I can just abandon everyone I ever loved like you do! Maybe if it was your mom you'd go out there and kill her without blinking but it's not, it's my mom. And maybe you've forgotten that there are things worth being hurt for!

Nobody said you had to go out and kill her.

You were thinking it! I bet you were thinking that if my mom was just dead then it would make everything so much fucking easier. Well, I lived with my mom being dead for basically my entire life and I'm not going back to it.

Alive or not she's not the person she was when you knew her. Is it not sinking in she's killed people? People who didn't want to do anything but help her! I was sixteen when she did this to me? Do you really want that back in your life?

You kill people!

I kill proxies Danny! I kill people who want me dead! People who have knives to my throat. You know why? Because I'm no good to anybody fucking dead. Not to them, not to you, or anybody else.

If I became a proxy, you'd kill me, wouldn't you.

Danny I'm trying to help you.

I know you would because you've fucking said that you would!

Would you calm down and think with your brain for one moment. Just be logical.

You say you're trying to help me, but you'd be the first fucking person to give up on me and put a hole in me or cut my head off or stab me in the heart or dissect me to look at the goop in my brain! I mean nothing to you!

Is that what you think?

Of course that's what I think because it's true.

You know what Danny. You're an adult. You make your own decisions. If you want to go find your mom, fine. Go ahead. I'm not going to stop you.

Maybe I fucking will, Anna.

Prove me wrong. I honest to God hope you do.

That's it. Recording over. I'm done.



  1. Good for you, Daniel. I mean that seriously. Some people believe they can rise above human nature, rise about curiosity and a desire to make things right. Then you see them breaking their own rules, if you haven't seen that already, I guarantee you will. Don't call them out on it because they already really hate themselves for it. You can't be mad at them. Just be sad for them, really. :)

    That said, be careful because I doubt this will be a conventional reunion. Bring a gun. You don't have to use it. But just make it an option.

  2. Danny, never give up, but go well fucking armed. Just in case. Anna's not wrong about nobody doing anyone any good dead.