Saturday, February 8, 2014


L: Any dreams last night?

A: Yes.

L: Would you like to describe them for me?


L: Describe the dream.

A: I'm standing in a forest...and all around me things are running away. From something behind me.

L: What's behind you?


L: Right. How do you feel, about what's behind you.


L: Are you frightened?

A: I don't feel anything. I don't want to run.

L: Why don't you want to run?

A: I just....don't.

L: What happens if you don't run?

A: I get killed.
L: Does that frighten you?

A: No.

L: Were there any familiar faces in this dream?

A: The blonde proxy.

L: The one who killed your friend?

A: He wasn't my friend.

L: What is she doing? 

A: Crying.

L: Why?


L: All right Anna I think that's enough for today. When I snap my fingers I want you to go back to sleep.

L: One, two three.


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