Friday, February 28, 2014

Four Months

We're alive. It happens.

I should probably take this time to apologize to Tilde, since she helped rescue us, and as a thank you I outed her identity and put her in a compromising situation. Though if you want to hear about that I suggest you take it up with her. I'm not at liberty to say anything more about it.

So as you probably guessed, we were visited by a proxy a few weeks ago. A proxy named Redlight. I'm sure most of you already know who he is as he made quite a name for himself. If not just do the google thing or whatever, I don't fuckin know. A colleague of mine who has since died, named Georgia Summers, had a hand in some of the research into those end of the world vaccines that wound up getting both her and Redlight killed. When he came back, calling him a proxy might be using the term liberally. He was more like a black pussing tumor attached to the back of a head of one of Jaime's hoodlum friends. He sought us out presumably because he didn't know Georgia was dead, and was looking for a cure for his predicament. Before I could begin operating and figuring out how all of this was possible though, Morningstar interrupted me, and completely destroyed any remnant of the infection. I doubt this means Redlight is gone for good. After all it takes a lot to kill a cockroach.

Back to how and why we were missing for so long.

If you honestly think that no one in the world but the stalked are conscious of the disappearances and killings and the supernatural elements behind them, then you are sorely mistaken. There are multiple factions of government all over the world who know what's been going on and have been dealing with it in absolute secrecy, for reasons that by now should be obvious. Not all of these organizations have you're safety first and foremost in their agendas. The science and research ones in particular have interest in experimentation on runners. I promise you, not every disappeared blogger you've met was killed by the Slender Man.

A long, long, long time ago, this woman from an organization called LEGION sought me out to see if I would "donate" my research to her organization. When I refused we came to a head for a short time and it ended with us making a deal. I could continue to live my life in the dessert in exchange for not releasing LEGION information, and keeping certain aspects of my research completely confidential.

However, for reasons, that deal was broken a few months ago. Danny, Jaime, and I were taken into their custody. Me and Danny, with the help of Tilde and Beau are now safe. (Save your questions on Beau til later please.) I also managed to make it out with some confidential information, concerning friends of mine.

I don't know where Jaime is now, but I have good reason to believe he's dead. I don't know who uploaded all those documents, but I guess I have them to thank for getting out since they helped alert Beau and Tilde to the fact we were in deep shit.

It's good to be free, and outside again. Nothing's worse than being cooped up in a cell.

There's more shit to tell you, I know,

Just got nothing left right now.


  1. Good to have you back, thought you were dead, nice to see I was wrong.

    - Mr. Incognito.