Friday, March 29, 2013

Transcript Info

Daniel here.

For ease of access and information supply, I've set up an audio record, transcript and upload program on my laptop. It's gonna be easier, for me, than typing stuff up. So every day, at ten to an hour (5:50pm, 6:50pm, 7:50pm etc) a little window pops up on my screen asking if I'd like to make a recording. They'll probably be mostly business related shit, like how many Proxies Annie sliced up, how many times I got the piss scared out of me in the last x amount of hours, et cetera.

[03:32] The transcripts themselves will look something like this, in grey Courier, because Courier is awesome. Sounds that occur during the recording will be interpreted like the words will, but if it's not a clear sound, this will happen. [audio confusion] That was my hitting the wall with my laptop case, and as it wasn't a cough, me clearing my throat, a scream, a pause, background noise, static or footsteps, as those are the only ones I've coded into the database, it comes up with audio confusion. The transcripts are simply what the mic hears me say, and what the AI can interpret. You shits better appreciate my transcripts, the program was a bitch to code. [pause. audio confusion] It can't pick up punctuation, obviously, apart from full stops, due to my change in tone, and commas due to again tone change and short pauses. Longer pauses are interpreted as such. [pause] I hope I've made this clear and all. Oh, also. End of transcript is represented like this. [END]


  1. Now look who's blustering, Fucking kids can't even be bothered to type anymore.

  2. Maybe I WOULD be bothered to type if you didn't make me do anything and everything else as well.

  3. What are you talking about? Considering you're situation you got off easy.

    1. *your
      You know what? If you want me to delete my transcripting program, gee, I MIGHT ACCIDENTALLY delete some of your field notes too. Oops.

    2. What is it with you and the Your's? And if you do that I'm holding you personally responsible for when the Slenderman locks us in the basement and sets it on fire and I don't have the notes telling me what to do.

    3. The yours and you'res just annoy the crap out of me.
      Yeah, I bet you will.

    4. Well cut it out. It's pretentious as hell.

    5. You know what, I'm screenshotting this and I'm going to wave it in your face the next time YOU tell ME to get back on track.

    6. Oh go drown in the well you little shit!

    7. You two are absolutely adorable.

      Just kidding.

      ...Anyway, it's nice to see that SOME people are trying to defeat tall, slim, and creepy.

      Just...try not to kill each other BEFORE you succeed.

      (Also, Daniel, that transcript program looks awesome!)

    8. Yeah, cheers a lot, Gabriella.

      We try. And dude if anyone's gonna be killing anyone she'd be killing me, believe me. It's, like, three times a day I get a gun waved in my face

      Hey, thanks! It's great to see that SOMEONE appreciates my work! : )