Saturday, July 6, 2013

Important: Missing Info

Recent events have made me start to reevaluate some of my past subjects. I've had some things called into question and things I didn't think were important before have suddenly become very important. This file in particular. It's almost a year old now.

Age of Subject: 20-25

Sex: Female

Height: 5,3''

Weight: 94 pounds

Cause of Death: Drowning.

Subject was found frozen in a pond. Body has suffered mild deterioration but is overall in tact. Blood stream shows almost 100% concentration of Black Liquid, no blood is present in the body. Skin is sickly color. Eyes are not dilated as they should be after death. Heart is missing from autopsy, but removal was not the cause of death, suggesting heart was removed after subject died. Water in lungs has trace amounts of black liquid, though may have washed it out while subject was drowning. Head shows evidence of numerous concussions before death as well as a fractured skull that was stapled closed. Brain is saturated with black liquid where cerebral arteries should be filled with blood. Subject shows signs of extreme weight loss, leading to the assumption she was lost in the woods at the time of her death. Black Operator symbols are carved into skin, the oldest dating at relatively two months before death, though some show signs of being carved over more than once. The newest can be dated at several minutes before death. Dried black liquid can be found under nails, confirming these cuts were self inflicted. Left arm shows signs of recent break. Tongue is mangled, as though subject attempted to bite it off. There are no signs of other wounds on person.

This particular girl wandered through my territory a little while before her death. She was far gone to say the least. Could barely get a coherent word out of her before she up and vanished. She left a couple of dead birds on my doorstep and the next time I found her she was face up at the bottom of pond, completely frozen. One of the weirder deaths. My guess is she probably killed herself. 

She said a lot of things, but one I remember a lot was that whatever she'd done wasn't her fault. When you're crazy like she was it's hard to be sure on any count. Personally I wasn't a fan, but then I have a hard time pitying proxies anymore. It's one of those things I don't feel much like over-thinking. 

She had a journal on her she wouldn't let me look at. She nearly clawed my eyes out when I reached for it. It has come to my attention this journal might be of some importance, though I really don't have any idea for sure. My memory is shit but I can swear it was blue, had some kind of design on it. It's bothered me for a while, and now that certain things have come to light, I have reason to believe it was important. It wasn't anywhere to be found when I dragged her out of the lake, so it may in fact have been destroyed. 

If anyone has seen anything like it out there, do drop me a line. It would suck absolute shit if it had the key to all of this, and someone had already shoved it through a paper shredder.

Consider it missing and in need of finding. 


  1. Doubt its going to fall in my path, but if it will, I will contact you.

    I doubt there is anything VERY important there, but I can't really know.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. A crazy woman wanders in with a secret journal, chances are it's either important or her diary. The fact it was missing leads me to believe the former. Plus again, insider information. There are a few other reasons this thing is special.

    2. Those few reasons, you will keep a secret no doubt.

      Well, if you believe its important, then good luck in finding it, lets hope it really does contain something that might help us.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  2. Well dang, it might just be a notebook full of crazy. My kind are not exactly coherent. NOT EVEN OL' TALM, SOMETIMES.

    If the crazy lady planned on killing herself, I wouldn't be surprised if she had buried the journal somewhere nearby, or given it to her next of kin or whatevs.

    1. Why the hell am I reading letters from Thomas the fucking Tank Engine?

    2. Because I let my youngest daughter choose my avatar. I would have liked to have gone with a scary proxy symbol or some bird crud, dunna get me wrong. Alas. Buuut I don't need a scary symbol when I have my bare hands.

      So uh no, I'm not Thomas, my name is Talmai. Or Talm, if you prefer.