Thursday, July 18, 2013

Report #7

[12:45:25, 18/7/13] 

I suggest you run as fast as you can and as far as you can.

Or you'll kill me?


What did you do to Danny?

Do you even have the slightest clue what you have done here?

Enlighten Me!

The Most Dangerous and Evil Person on the planet. And you just kept me from killing him. Today. Here. With him... We should have been allies.

He had information! Information I needed!

He had lies. He had sweet words. He had everything he needed including a new Body to run around in. To begin again.


That boil. Was more dangerous than anything you have ever seen short of Father himself. Including me.

You think I didn't know what that thing was? You think I'm a fucking dumbass? Do you know what that autopsy could've had in it? Try the GODDAMN ANSWER TO WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR.

You KNEW? AND You were so fucking STUPID that you DIDN'T FUCKING KILL HIM ON SIGHT? Do you know what he is capable of? He was probably, oh I don't know, A few minutes away from hopping in your body? Or Danny Boy over there?

Which reminds me, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HIM?

You should be more worried about what is about to happen to you.

Fix him.


[audio confusion]

I said FIX HIM.

[audio confusion]


Fuck...fuck...just...I'll give you information. If you put him back together I'll tell you what I found out.

Put him back together...? Oh... I can't do that. No. Not at all. I am sure his body would heal in time, but you two... You don't really have that as a luxury anymore now do you?

Then I guess you'll never know what it is that will wind up killing you.

A LOT OF THINGS CAN KILL ME! A lot of things... WORSE than Death out there. And that Big Red PSYCHOPATH is at the center of ALL OF THEM.

[cough] In all frankness I think I know which one I'd rather deal with.

You think so huh? You think he is preferable to me...? There is something I do want to know. Might even spare someone's life in exchange. How did you know who he was, cause he sure as hell didn't tell you.

Why should I...tell you a thing?

Because if you do I want kill Lois Lane over there. What do you think Superman? Sounds like a good deal, doesn't it?

Prove it. Fix him. And I'll tell you.

I'll be right back then.........



Is the kid upstairs still alive?

Yeah. But won't be walking around for... A Long, Long time. Now tell me.

Years ago, a guy broke into my store rooms...It was the only time I ever met him, but I didn't forget it.


There's a lot of information stored up in here. It's more valuable than someone like you would realize.

Don't presume to know what I do and do not realize...Hmmm...Interesting... Tell me something. What do you hope to gain from chatting with him?

How could I of all people pass on the chance to dissect red light?

Now that, I can get behind. But you are wasting your time. That wasn't Big Red's Body. Nothing in there would have helped. Trust me. I just ate it... But... If you are so very keen on findng red light again...Maybe I can let you live. Just a bit longer. On the condition that if you find anything that even SMELLS of red light. You tell me. Immediately.

I'm not your dog.

Well fine. If that is the case, maybe I oughta give you a taste of your own medicine. Let's see what makes you tick, huh?

Go to hell!


Oh what now!......OH COME ON!!...Please?...Just an HOUR!...Just give me a fucking HOUR!... Well kids! It's been a blast. But there's trouble back at the ranch and it's all hands on deck. Annalee, you take care. If you run into anymore Redlight related trouble, just give me a call and we can have another dance. Danny, stay in school, eat your vegetables and be in bed by Nine. Kay? Kay. It's been a blast, really.



[bottle clink]'s me...when you get this message nng...c-call me back. You and I are going to have to talk. I need to know how to obliterate Morningstar.



  1. So... could killing Morningstar for good be done through Redlight?

    1. It could also be done without. I don't like the idea of unleashing one monster to kill another, especially if it's difficult to leash again.

      Morningstar's immortality has an apparent source. Destroying that would be a better option.

    2. Exactly, and that source, from what I was able to gather in his conversation with Kelevra, is that there are people who know the resurrection trick and I assume that those people are the ones doing the resurrection trick.

      Could be wrong.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    3. Sorry. I was trying to provoke Morningstar into saying something useful.

    4. Do you think I was born yesterday? Well... HA. I suppose depending on how you think about it... Hehehe.

      HEY. HEY. MISSY ANNALEE! You recovering OK? Sorry. Really sorry. I was a bit rougher than I usually am the first time. It was just a... Bad day all around I think. No hard feelings...?

      Oh. Silly me. No hard feelings? HA. You probably aren't feeling much of anything right now. Well. Maybe a staggering amount of pain, but I figure the hospital would have you doped up out of your mind. Assuming you were smart enough to check in to one. You weren't looking too good when I left you know.

    5. When Morningstar dies for good, I'm going to smile and deliver the good news to the sirs in the van.

    6. That makes two of us. Guys a piece of shit.