Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blue is the best damn color!

[01:59:32, 19/6/13]

So what I just talk and...shit look at that!

Yep, that seems to be the reaction to this sort of thing.

Shit man! Shit.

Yes. Shit indeed.

Ha, this is great. Look at that. She sells sea shells by the sea shore. Mary had a little lamb. I fought the law and the law one, no well, close enough.

So alright then, sorry about the last post everyone. As you can see I am not dead, nor in any immediate peril for now, nor was I being followed. Well okay...strike that, I was being followed by this guy.


Want to introduce yourself dude?

Uh...okay. My name is Beau. Beau Roland. 

And tell us about yourself Mr. Beau Roland.

I am a traveling minstrel. A musical nomad. I go where the wind calls me, with Banjo in hand, singing the songs of the infinity.

That's fucking beautiful. 

I know right? If only I could make it rhyme.

So it turns out Beau was the one tracking me, because...uh...because?

Well you seemed like a pretty lost little dude. I noticed you fucking around in the town, looking miserable and shit. Figured I'd stick around to see if you were alright. Not like I had any where else to be, wind was calling me to you.

Yeah, that's why. Real good guy this guy. 

Right back at you.

Heh,'re a runner right?

Well...I guess so if you're talking pale men in suits. I'm not in a big hurry to get gutted out and strung up in a tree. But he ain't the boss of me or nothing. I just go where I want.

It's lucky I met you.

That's one way to put it.


You could call it fate if you want. Ultimate destiny. That kinda shit.


Just talking to myself. 

You're so fucking weird.

And you're so fucking high man.

Heh, yeah. 

You out here by yourself?

Yeah, I got kicked out of the place I was squatting in cause I suck.

So I heard.

Everyone's fucking heard. Everyone's all, Danny gotta go out and live and stuff. Don't give up! Fuck that. Fuck trying! Fuck Annalee! Fuck my Dad! Fuck fucking every one.

That's a lot of fucks.

I give no fucks!

Okay man, okay. Calm down. Truth is I'm not really here by accident.


I'm like your spiritual guide man. The mystical vision who appears to you to guide you on your journey. Like the animated lion cloud formation in that one Disney flick. 


I'm here to give you some worthwhile advice. 

Fuck advice!

Hey, quiet down man. You're losing it. Now you're in a bad place. I get that. Now I've looked you up some. Paid your old man a call. And I get you. You're one of those poor souls the world likes to forget. Like Eleanor Rigby.


Exactly! Now I know your tripping cliffs right now, and you probably can't understand one thing I'm saying, but hopefully you're gonna read this when it goes up on your blog. I know why you don't like people trying to help, you think you're gonna belly flop and let em all down. But you know what they say about losing every game you don't try in. That's like kindergarten right there. It's easy enough. Wandering off on your own and being a jerk off ain't no way to help anyone. You're just running cause you're scared.

Ugg! Stop talking!

You been treated bad, and I'm sorry for that. But don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself. I don't feel sorry for myself. I think my life is pretty good. I had a free meal at a Mongolian Barbecue today, and made love to this fiery mamacita just the other day. 

I...I thought you said you fucked a guy.

Hm? Oh yeah, him too. I get around. Point is, the sun's up right now and it's shining. And the air is sweet and the birds are singing, and tonight we'll look up and see the stars burning brighter than anything, and we know they're there but they're too far away to see. And the sky will look like a big pretty bowl stretched out farther than anything. And you only got one life to see all that, to enjoy it. So you may not survive buddy, in fact I guarantee you won't. But the universe is singing! It's all there, more majesty for a peasant who knows that than a king who doesn't. So why worry and lay down on the ground with your eyes closed? Huh. Live kid! I won't tell you it's easy, but it's sure as hell a miracle that too many folks take for granted. 

...Who are you?

Beau Roland, poet and minstrel of the land. A land that is specifically Caliente, Nevada in a parking lot, down town, near the city's biggest library. Hurry, we aren't alone.

Hey what do you think you're doing?

Calm down, you'll thank me for this. 


[audio confusion] how do I turn this thing



  1. So that's what the boy wonder does the second he is on his own, he gets drunk, or high, speech pattern kinda indicates that easily.

    Ok, I would assume that this "Love every fucking butterfly in the world" dude was just some voice in Danny's head. But if his tech is to be trusted, then there was indeed someone there. Did a quick search on the net for Beau Roland (Weird Ass Name).

    Found some guy who has his own band, is a musician and looks like a complete stoner ( So far he fits the description, except for the Banjo part, could be the wrong person of course. He also looks like the kind of guy, who would fuck another guy.

    Anyways, lets see to what rat hole will this stoner, drag Danny to. The fuck did this kid get himself into.

    1. Come now, I'm sure it's a commonality in name. I think the real question here is what on earth are the motives of this Beau? Is this the proxy Annalee was referring to?

    2. I don't know man, that proxy that was followin' her, he was pretty sneaky. From the way she gave minimal information to us about the proxy, nor the situation with him, makes the impression that the proxy was serious business.

      I find it hard to picture this Bayou Billy to be "Serious business", but then again, he could be a really good actor.

    3. I lost my shit at "love every fucking butterfly in the world". It is not good for me to laugh that much...

      I wouldn't trust anyone off the bat, Daniel. Keep on your toes, and FFS, getting shitfaced or stoned is a really terrible idea, here's hoping Mr Roland will vouch for that.

    4. Yeah no he didn't look like that. He was more like...I don't know. Maybe I did imagine him.