Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Report #5

[06:19:33, 11/6/13]

Man. It's been a while since we did one of these.

It has.

So the last few weeks have been a little crazy for us, but you know, when aren't they crazy...We uh...We've really hit the storeroom and worked hard putting all this information we've uploaded into a serious lockdown. No one can access it as per your requirement...And apparently there's a proxy running around I didn't know about so we've had that on our plate as well.

...Guys a real fucker, believe me.

I guess I really don't have a choice on that one.

Oh God, is this about what Kelevra said again?

I didn't say that.

You've been glaring at me all day so far.

The guy has a fucking point Annalee! I draw a damn mustache on your face and you go right to tying me to a chair, but now your hiding important shit and you expect me to just trust you when you say you've got it all under control.

Because it's important shit Danny! Shit that is meant for one person to deal with. You have to trust me when I say I know how the fuck it needs to be dealt with and hold the fort while I do.

You never trust me though!

You're right! I don't! Because you have proven time and time again that you can't be trusted!

The fuck are you talking about?

The hospital Danny! I'm talking about the hospital. You think I wasn't going to take an inventory on just what we came out with. You think I wouldn't notice when some of it went missing............For fuck's sake Danny you put the two of us through all that cold turkey shit, made yourself about as useless and sick as you possibly could, and now you've gone and started it all up again!

...Shut up.

Not only that you never listen to anything I say, you proven you can't defend yourself, you haven't shown any drive to ever get out of here, and you think you can come in here, into my home, and ask me to trust you when you act like that?...I on the other hand keep having to save your ass so you might have at least guessed by now that I have your best interest in

Just shut up okay! You act like you're so high and mighty but you're just a drunk who knows how to kill and nothing else!

...Excuse me?

You're just as useless as I am, and you hate that! You act like such a genius because you read those trashy ESP studies. Might I remind you which one of us actually got the degree?

I saved your ass!

And you've just been waiting to kill me haven't you! Just like that Georgia girl you had before me! Because that's all you know how to do!

.........Get out of my house Danny.


Take your shit! And GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!



  1. You have air you need cleared? Then do it calmly when you're not making jabs at each other.

    1. Wow. Three hours late on that advice. Not that it fucking matters.

  2. So apparently there's some history with previous partners she had, this Georgia, that indeed triggered a great deal of a big reaction from her. So was this Georgia girl, her sister? Close friend? Maybe lover (That would be a fun twist)? Or was she just like you Danny Boy? A poor soul that was caught up in this game and eventually fell together with Aniutka?

    I bet, right now, some proxies are taking note of that, or already have, since that is a useful bit of information that just fell out of nowhere. Good job.

    Danny Boy, I must give you credit, you're not quite as stupid, as I had thought, not because you listened to me, or anything like that. No, you were able to analyze Aniutka very correctly. She says that she will kill Marshmallow Man, but in reality, she's been standing in one spot only, not achieving anything. She knows that and that fact pisses her, the fuck off, that's where alcohol comes into play.

    But of course, in return she was able to analyze you just as well.

    So what now, Danny Boy? You gonna go try to apologize to her? You gonna just lie down and die, just like you always wanted? Or are you gonna become your own man now?

    So many choices, indeed.

    1. See you make a post, and then you go and use 'Aniutka', and all I can do is think is how adorable Russian nicknames are. I mean I would really be ranting at you right now, but the adorableness is incapacitating. (◕_◕)

    2. I am happy to hear that you take such strong interest in Russian Language, Sanka.

      But let us not divert from the main topic, which is, what will Danilka do next.

    3. You're a fucker and I hate you.

      I'm not going back and I'm not apologizing to her, and even if I did she wouldn't let me back in.

    4. But Dania, the only person you should be hating right now, is yourself, I mean, I didn't do jack shit. You're the one who insulted her up there, you're the one who doubted her and you're the only one responsible for being thrown out like that.

      I didn't do anything, all of that, are the results of your actions, your words. All I did, was express my opinion about how unfair she was and suspicious, it was up to you to agree with that, or not.

      So in result, as I said, the only person you should be hating, is yourself, and you know it, you just don't want to admit it.

    5. Fuck you sideways, you're about as subtle as an axe to the face with your mind games. I don't give a shit about you or her! Just crawl back in your hole and laugh yourself silly about how much of a fuck up I am and then kindly shoot yourself.

    6. Mind Games? Is that what you want to blame it on? Well ,if that will allow you to sleep peacefully at night.

      Also, stop pretending like you don't give a shit, so last year.

    7. You stop acting like some sort of goddamn puppet show orchestrator. Annalee was right, you're just a puppet like the rest of them.

  3. Oh hell. Danny, don't be stupid. She's trying to protect you. I understand that you're scared and hurt and confused, but getting into fights won't solve that!


    1. Also, Annalee, you're probably going to have to fill him in a little. I'd suggest doing so before he gets himself killed.


    2. Fill me in on what? There's no way she's going to get that since the only computer we had belongs to me.

    3. Not really my place to say anything. There's got to be SOME way to get a hold of the stubborn bitch. I'll try her phone.


    4. How the fuck do you have her phone!?

    5. I know people


  4. There's that uncomfortable feeling from listening to something you shouldn't be. Well, you did post this.

    Annalee, I agree Daniel needs a boot to the head as much as the next man, but you know his survival chances aren't good on his own.