Sunday, April 28, 2013

Apparently I have to put a post up about this stupid dream I had. I'm going to keep it brief but...

It started off in a graveyard. Actually the whole thing was in a graveyard but whatever it actually did start in a graveyard so yeah. It was bleak and grey and foggy, like in movies, and the tombstones were old and crumbling and... well, it looked like something my brain must've got straight out of an old horror movie.

So that was all well and good until shit got nasty. And by nasty I mean a lot of people I knew crawling their way up out of the ground nasty. So they did, crawl their way up out of the ground I mean, and the ones who'd been dead longer looked worse. Toby, then Grandma Janet, then mom and dad, and then, well, just other people, but those were the main ones. Pretty nasty looking but surprisingly I don't remember losing it. Cause I knew them, I guess.

And it wasn't like they did anything to hurt me. They were sorta all zombie-ish, once again like in shitty movies, but really lifelike. But they were talking, in these warped voices, all familiar and shit, and all at once, like in perfect unison. And they kept telling me to come and join them, because it was peaceful and quiet, and it was an escape, and they were all asking me how much I missed them, and telling me I didn't have to anymore. Miss them that is.

And I'll admit that it was tempting. Nice, quiet, a way out. It's always been tempting. But I sorta woke up before I could decide.


  1. Past hunting you?

    Don't get lost now, we need every soldier we can get.

    - Mr. Incognito.

  2. I think I speak for quite a few people when I say taking the offer would be a bad idea.