Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back to Work

And you guys thought we were dead. Ha.

I've made it this long, and frankly at this point I think it'd take a nuke to stop me. That or a an evil tentacle monster, you know, whatever it takes.

Still though a run in with Slenderman is nothin to sniff at. I broke a perfectly good window and had to spend a good hour picking glass out of my knuckles. Not to mention all the times I lost my lunch. (Honestly kid you get so used to vomit in this lifestyle that stain on your seat may as well be bleach.) It wears you out, but I'm used to it by now. It was just a bit of a scare on me and Danny's part, Danny mostly. Though he's definitely been a lot less of a brat since he almost got lobotomized by Slenderman. Yeah, that happened.

It's always weird when I hear about Slenderman getting super close to people. It happens a lot where he gets up in peoples faces, but he's never done that to me. The closest I've ever been to the guy is a good 10 yards, and about 5 days ago the closest I had ever been was 50 yards. I've never gotten why he keeps his distance, although I guess it's because I'm scary as fuck.

Anyway, back to planning our big trip.

I was gonna run some tests on the Azoth and to do it I'm going to need some special equipment. Although at this point I may just hand Danny a potato and ask him to make an MRI scanner out of it. It'll be a bit tough because it's going to involve some...slightly illegal behavior, but it's for a good cause. Again I'm not going to divulge so many details, in case we get followed.

Should be interesting, I'll keep you posted.


  1. Good to hear you getting some work done, still with that cocky attitude as always I see, good to hear.

    I think IT never came really close to you, because IT is not interested in you, just an assumption of course.

    Hey, there's no big deal in breaking a couple of laws, hell, if it weren't for the law breaking, I probably would be dead right now.

    I still don't know, what you are trying to achieve from studying Azoth, I mean, many before you have studied it and found nothing of use, but if you wish to make sure yourself, you do that.

    Speaking of Azoth, apologies for Kelevra, apparently he goes on blogs, which I follow. So it is partially my fault he tends to comment here.

    Good luck.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. If you can understand the complete composition of the stuff it shouldn't be too hard to find something that can kill it, and I want to figure out some stuff about it's electromagnetism. See what it can actually cause a brain to be capable of, because psychic powers and shit.

      And nope. Trust me. Slenderman is scared shitless of me.

    2. In that case, we gotta meet up at some point, so you can scare IT away, so I could grab a breather.

      Hope you find something of use.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    3. I'll have to get in on that too. I could use a few peaceful days.


    4. Just don't be afraid of him. That's what I do. You don't spend every waking moment afraid of Tigers do you? You don't go sticking your hand in their mouths, and it's true you may die in a freak Tiger accident but that doesn't mean you need to spend everyday living in fear. And fear is what it likes.

    5. Oh, I'm not afraid of the motherfucker, I assure you.


  2. The monster getting in your face is definitely not a FORGETTABLE phenomenon by any means. But perhaps that's why it doesn't bother me either. I can't say I am any more scared of it than a mugger in a dark alleyway.